• 请问如要要给ip封装axi总线接口,编码好的比特流该写回memory吗?还是怎样处理;

  • @damian Hi there have you got any answer for the above yours question?


  • @karthik_tdk 不好意思,关于编码好的比特流是否应该写会mem我并没有明确的答案,编码好的比特流好像并不包含解码所需的sps头等,如果写回到mem我们后序应该怎样处理呢?第二个问题我的理解是load的参考帧应该是上一次store的,但仿真中似乎并不是这样,而是直接给出了参考帧的yuv文件,对于这个文件的来源我也感到奇怪,如果你有好的想法可以告诉我,谢谢

  • @damian
    基本上,我从规范和白皮书中了解到,我研究了输入应该采用 .yuv 格式,并且第一帧始终是 I 帧
    ,在编码器中重建 I 帧后,它用作 P 或 B 帧的参考帧,但在这个模拟中,他们最初采用 P 帧(但不知道为什么),就像从 fetch_p_cur.yuv(版本 1 代码)中获取一样,

    如果理解 H265 的代码,如果对该代码有疑问,请指导我,这对我来说非常重要。

    Hi there
    Basically what, I understood from specifications and white papers I studied the input should be in .yuv format and in that the 1st frame is always a I Frame
    , after reconstruction of that I Frame in encoder, it used as reference frame for P Or B frame , but in this simulation they are taking P frame initially (but don't know why) like fetching from fetch_p_cur.yuv(version 1 code) ,

    And if understand the code of H265 Please guide me if have some doubts in that code, it very important to me.
    By the way do you understand English?

  • @karthik_tdk I am a beginner in video encoding technology, and I have just come across this open-source project. I haven't studied it in depth, so I can't give guidance to others; besides, I know a little English.

  • @karthik_tdk In the v2.0 code, it seems that the current frame can be determined as an I-frame or a P-frame by configuring the IP input signal, sys_type_i. When it's 0, the current frame is an I-frame, and when it's 1, the current frame is a P-frame. There is a PPT that briefly introduces IP. You can check it out on this website.

  • @damian
    It's okay I understood,and I am also in same situation, so is it ok with u if we help each other? What are knowledge we have!,
    And in which discussion the ppt present

  • This post is deleted!

  • 想知道V1.0中也是会出现这种情况吗

  • @wupang 我没有关注v1.0,那边的处理流程怎么样呢

  • @damian 刚准备down一下看看,可能差不多,有类似情况我回来回复。by the way,请问你有2.0的相关文档说明吗?只看代码有点太多。

  • @damian it's same but they solved some bugs and added new block , I think.