Help for a Non-Chinese Speaker with H.265/HEVC Encoder IP Core Documentation and Tutorials

  • Re: 2017.1.13 IC Caffe线下研讨会PPT文档

    Hello, i'm a undergraduate student from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFGRS) -Brazil - and have a big interest in studying your open- source H.265/HEVC Encoder IP Core. However, it's quite difficult for me to undestand some technicall aspects of your research due to the language barrier.

    Me and the non-chinese speaking video-coding scientific community would be very grateful if some materials could be provided in English. Such materials as the pdf presentations contained in this post or any other of them..

    I Would be very gratefull, as well, if someone could indicate all the existing documentation and tutorial material about this open source project.

    Thanks for the amazing work!